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Procedure to follow When Setting up a Company in Argentina

Business merchants may be required to expand their businesses to other countries in order to look for new markets for their products. This can be challenging for foreigners due to the rules that have been set by various countries. When planning to set up a company in Argentina, people will be required to follow the following steps.

One of the mandatory requirements for business merchants seeking to set up companies in Argentina is to have a minimum of two directors. Setting up accompany in Argentina takes two months after some documents have been verified. If the people interested in forming the company are not locals, they will be required to register before the public registry which will take note of the foreign companies. Companies must have names so the people concerned will be required to reserve the intended company names that they will be identified with. This should be submitted to the public registry name too. Know about Company Incorporation Argentina here!

After concluding the above processes, people will be required to sign a social contract containing the articles of incorporation before the national certified public notary. Business merchants are required to read the contract well before signing because a breach of the contract can be lead t cancellation of the company. It is important to consult with lawyers who will help them to understand the legal terms and clauses that are included in the documents. Business merchants will be required to deposit at least 25 % of the subscribed capital in the national bank of Argentina. This will be followed by publishing a notice of the Company Incorporation Argentina in the legal official gazette.

Business merchants will be required to visit the insurance companies where they will get a caution insurance policy which should be in compliance with the administrators' guarantee regime. It is also crucial to pay for public registry incorporation fee and file for incorporation. Business merchant will be expected to buy specific books which will be verified by the public registry. The economy of every country depends on the taxes that will be collected from its citizens and the investors. Business merchants will be required to obtain a tax identification number from the federal administration of public revenues. This will enable the Argentina government to tax the company once the begin operating their business. Employees welfare is highly valued in Argentina so business merchants must register their employees with insurance companies.Once the business merchants are in compliance with the incorporation process, they will also have to meet the cooperate requirement before the companies can be fully acknowledged by Argentina authority. To get some facts about finance, visit

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